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Nike7Up's July Mix MP3


Buried under all that growling and gawky teenage rage, Jonathan Davis of Korn made a lot of kids feel okay about not feeling okay. As adults, that music seems a little less comforting and a lot more harshly alienating. But taken out of context, as he is briefly on this Nike7Up mix with the lyrics You flirt with suicide/ sometimes that's okay, he sounds like the dude that maybe has the worst advice ever for you, but also gets it, you know? Then it's immediately followed up by a Britney Spears sample. Nike7Up has made patchworking moments of heart-on-sleeve ’90s gloss his entire style, and with this mix it is instantly clear that the more music he makes, the more he develops his own dark world. How deep you get sucked in pretty much depends on how high your ratio of angst to total viewings of TRL is.

Download: Nike7Up's July 2011 Mix (via Cult of Now)

Nike7Up's July Mix MP3