Stream: Mavado, “Delilah (Diplo Remix)”


The bombastically insistent back-beat of Mavado’s “Delilah,” remixed by Diplo, while not exactly ideal for easy listening, is perfect club fodder. Diplo’s version takes a decidedly more aggressive approach, reworking the original by adding layers of hyper-agitated synth to ruffle Mavado’s silky smooth vocals. The four-minute banger is rife with larger-than-life drum pad effects, with enthusiastic crescendos reaching a climax just as Mavado’s caramel-coated refrain of “Delilah” begins.

Stream: Mavado, “Delilah (Diplo Remix)”

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  3. aaron van lieu says:

    try crossing your eyes and putting their faces into one picture thats some freaky ass shit damn

  4. WTFreaker says:

    Seriously only available on iTunes? This is why people pirate =.=

  5. WTFreaker says:

    I take it back, it’ll be on Amazon tomorrow. I’ll buy it then :D