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Casely-Hayford's Seismic Shift

We love Casely-Hayford for keeping us guessing. Just when we were starting to get a handle on them, just when we felt like we were starting to know their muse intimately, the father and son design duo has made a big shift in attitude. There are some scattered remnants of their famous Afropunk looks and deconstructed suiting in their latest collection, but for the most part, they seem to have abandoned the youthful urban vibe for a much more upper crust man of leisure. Casely-Hayford's famously vibrant arm sleeves are replaced by velvet blazers and plaid jackets, and the guy in their lookbook seems more ready for a pheasant hunt than any city pleasures.

We should've known to expect the unexpected: Joe Casely-Hayford expressed a fear of routine to us in a feature story in FADER #72: "I have to be careful. If I always do things I’ve already done then I’d get bored very quickly." They've definitely kept us entertained. (via Dazed Digital)

Casely-Hayford's Seismic Shift