Disclosure, “I Love… That You Know (Purity Ring Remix)” MP3


Purity Ring‘s remix of Disclosure‘s “I Love… That You Know” drips in syrup. Not the purple lean kind but like actual Log Cabin sugar juice, and sometimes nearly too much of the stuff, weighing the track down with a heavy sop that turns human words indecipherable. While Disclosure’s Transparent-released original was percolating, crisp R&B vocal-sampling and dance-ready, Purity Ring’s take is slow, like an angel’s witch house, risen from darkness only by the brightness of a single keyboard line. We miss Disclosure’s vocal tracks and having something central to grab on to. Maybe there’s a secret version where Purity Ring’s Megan James sings on top, and it’s the greatest thing we’ve never heard.

Download: Disclosure, “I Love… That You Know (Purity Ring Remix)”

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