Body Conscious: Four Slim Summer Drinks


Staying physically and mentally fit is the young person’s holy grail, but there’s simply no one right way to do it. In our Body Conscious series, we’ll explore how some people protect their minds and bodies. Today, we mix up four fresh and fruity low-calorie cocktails.

So far this Summer’s been scorching, and it gives no indication of letting up. One of the best remedies for the heat is a cold, refreshing drink to sip on while you kick up your feet in the shade (or AC, let’s be real). But getting crunked out at the bar often leads to cranking it out at the gym. In this heat? We’d rather not. To save you all from weight-watching grief, we hit up the visionary dudes at The Drink in Brooklyn and brought back a list of seasonal, low-cal nectars you can make at home.

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  1. Camille says:

    Who the hell has rhubarb bitters and cantaloupe juice laying around. Gimme a damn break.

  2. Ajit says:

    Why u hating Camille, i got rhubarb bitters all the time

  3. Goddess Sophia Walker says:

    Thanks for noticing my scorching hot cookies!

  4. Natty Lite says:

    I prefer Bud Select 55…. I can have 4 of those beers for one of these drinks!!