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Body Conscious: Best Coast

Staying physically and mentally fit is the young person's holy grail, but there's simply no one right way to do it. In our Body Conscious series, we'll explore how some people protect their minds and bodies. Today, we talk to Bethany Cosentino of Best Coast about learning to love cardio barre and keeping your mind right while on the road.

Today, Bethany Cosentino posted a new Best Coast song that will probably become a part of their second album on her blog, along with a sweet message to her fans about how nice it is to know people care when you're "traveling and not sleeping" and, "worried about daily life." I interviewed Bethany about how she stays active and sane, and the takeaway was that to maintain a good mood and have the energy to try new things, it's important to be okay asking for a little help from friends. It's cool to go to exercise class even if you aren't tanned and toned, just because it feels good, but it'll feel even better if you bring someone along to laugh with. Beth says Best Coast will back in the studio in the fall. Future looks bright!

Body Conscious: Best Coast