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Grimes, "Crystal Ball" (Stalker Remix) MP3

Seems like we can't go a single day without doing some kind of Grimes-related blog post. Weird! Honestly, we never would have expected her to become so ubiquitous, but there you have it. Maybe it's because her voice, which sits constantly in a high register and is so malleable that it practically asks for remixes. Of course, considering the dime-a-dozen nature of remixes on the internet lately, we're naturally a little skeptical, but when this Stalker take on "Crystal Ball" popped into our inbox, we were stoked. Every track he's done so far has turned the original into a humid, druggy downward spiral towards musical depression, aka THE BEST TIMES. No but for real, while we're all for Stalker's bummer jams, this is actually not a bummer and instead a luscious remix of the original.

Download: Grimes, "Crystal Ball" (Stalker Remix)

Grimes, "Crystal Ball" (Stalker Remix) MP3