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Drake, "Headlines" Chopped and Screwed by OG Ron C MP3

Just like he has for every track Drake's released recently, OG Ron C screwed and chopped the new "Headlines." And maybe because he's gotten comfortable, Ron gets a little chatty on this one, talking over the beat about motivation and haters. It would be sort of sweet, if he didn't sound like Rosemary's baby all grown up. As for Drake, he is still yelling out money over everything. But despite this song's less emo base than "Marvin's Room" or "Dreams Money Can Buy," it's still confusingly hypocritical when he attacks other rappers talking about their feelings—Listen to you expressing all them feelings/ Soap opera rappers, all these niggas sound like All My Children—unless he's just saying they don't do it as well as him. After all, the end of that verse is him lamenting his rich, lonely life on top. Whether or not he's playing a pot calling the kettle black, "Headlines," as does just about everything, sounds much more doleful in slo-mo.

Download: Drake, "Headlines" Chopped and Screwed by OG Ron C

Drake, "Headlines" Chopped and Screwed by OG Ron C MP3