Porcelain Raft, “Talk to Me” (Pierce & Pierce’s Epilogue Remix) MP3


Porcelain Raft’s “Talk to Me” is one of the most epic bummer songs ever. Actually, that’s not entirely the truth. It’s definitely a sad song, but there’s still some little bit of hope left in Mauro Remiddi’s tired voice. It’s like he’s pleading but still knows that maybe whatever he needs to work out is going to work out. While the original version is still very much worth spending time with, Acéphale is releasing a collection of Porcelain Raft remixes that more or less read like an all-star list of contributors to the label: CFCF, Babe Rainbow, Memoryhouse, Memory Tapes and Pierce & Pierce all contribute their own personal takes on Remiddi’s music. Listen to Pierce & Pierce’s gorgeous, somehow more haunting than the original version of “Talk to Me” below, and grab the entire file of remixes right here.

Download: Porcelain Raft, “Talk to Me” (Pierce & Pierce’s Epilogue Remix)

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