d’Eon f. Marie Jane, “Kiss Me (Cassie Cover)” MP3


d’Eon and Marie Jane’s droopy-eyed cover of Cassie’s “Kiss Me” really drives home the you intoxicate me lyric. Bathed in d’Eon’s slow synth-wash, Jane’s calls of kiss me beckon almost sinisterly—like maybe touching bodies isn’t the best idea anymore and it’s two hours past time to sleep everything off. That Robocop bass line punching in at 1:30 before everything starts playing in reverse. Dire!

Download: d’Eon f. Marie Jane, “Kiss Me (Cassie Cover)”

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  1. Greta says:

    is Fader keeping any kind of quality-control or what? I know D’eon is having a buzz right now but having some random chick to (badly) sing along on some beat, doesn’t make it worthy to share.

  2. corey says:

    wow. douchebag of the month photo? that song is horrible. what is happening to fader? honestly, this sounds like someone just bought garageband and their first keyboard. ugh. this is the montreal music scene? #embarrassing