Video: Rye Rye and Robyn Perform “Never Will Be Mine” on Leno

Rye Rye and Robyn‘s joint appearance last night on The Tonight Show missed a massive opportunity for a dance-off. Given their collective history of colorful stage presence, it’s easy to imagine these two titans of interpretive chorus poses—without any breaks in singing—kicking off a whirlwind of floor punches, speed vogue and hyper-Spongebob that would crack open Jay Leno’s stage. Instead of fumbling through a compliment to surprise guest Dennis Rodman’s hat, as he does above, Leno would cower in mock fear, award the ladies matching feather earrings and the keys to a new car. It kind of sounds like Robyn says “bitch” around 3:00, though, so that’s something. “Never Will Be Mine” is out now, and Rye Rye’s Go! Pop! Bang! is due September 6th.

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