Photos: vitaminwater uncapped LIVE in Los Angeles

August 17, 2011 12:33PM

vitaminwater uncapped LIVE hit LA’s Freak City in full force last night. DJ SkeetSkeet warmed up with an appropriately broad set, ranging from dubstep to ASAP Rocky. LA’s own Pink Dollaz hit the stage next. Once mere teenage jerkin queens, the quartet have grown into lyrical seductresses with an unexpectedly refined stage show, complete with heavily choreographed dance routines and two male setpieces/backup dancers. Young L was up next, a noticeably reserved but potent performer. He kept his head low and letting his earth shaking alien productions do most of the talking and later brought out fellow Pack member Stunnaman (on crutches no less!) to revisit their teenage radio hit “Vans.”

But it was The Pack’s breakout star and show curator Lil B The Based God who truly blessed the crowd with his schizophrenic and irreverent brilliance. As he ran through favorites “Bill Bellamy” and “Wonton Soup” his legendarily loyal and spatula wielding fanbase serenaded him with the birthday song (today’s his 22nd) and eventually inspired a good chunk of the audience—including none other than hometown Odd Future mascots Taco and Jasper—bumrushed the stage to rock in unison with the Based God.

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  1. jon B. says:

    yooo where the pics of the fans on stage with lil b?? someone get back at me

  2. GW says:

    Those girls pink dollaz were Hot!!!!! We love there show.lets see them on tour wit lil B.whats wrong vitamin there no girls out there get behind pink dollaz pink vitamin is TASTY

  3. GW says:

    Sorry !!! that’s Pink Vitaminwater is TASTY. Sounds like a hook to me

  4. sky says:

    PinkDollaz gave a hot show you go girls!!

  5. sky says:

    Pink Dollaz did that. you go girls

  6. T short says:

    Pink Dollaz is nizz. won’t some of that

  7. G Dub says:

    pinkdollaz bring intertainment to the stage. somebody behind them

  8. Dubb says:

    pinkdollaz bring intertainment to the stage. damm!! who”s behind you

  9. corey says:

    Ya furreal knows where I can find some pictures. I was right next to based god on stage