Lemonade, “The Place Where You Belong (Shai Cover)” MP3


By three minutes into Lemonade‘s cover of Shai’s “The Place Where You Belong,” and probably sooner, the decade you’re living in becomes helplessly foggy. I had two browser tabs open, one with Lemonade’s cover and one with the Beverly Hills Cop III Soundtrack original, and it’s not just that I forgot which one was playing (the Lemonade one), it’s that I forgot I was sitting at a table, and I forgot what I was wearing or that I was wearing anything. It was like the dirty pink towel Lemonade posted on Tumblr to cover-art the cover was draped over my eyes and plugged in my ears, and perfect piano riffs and bass lines had no origin, they were just there.

Download: Lemonade, “The Place Where You Belong (Shai Cover)”

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