Body Conscious: Eight Yoga Essentials for Not-Wack Yogis


Staying physically and mentally fit is the young person’s holy grail, but there’s simply no one right way to do it. In our Body Conscious series, we’ll explore how some people protect their minds and bodies. Today, we shop for clothes to get loose in.

For six years I watched my friends head to yoga class. I pined to join their ranks, but was embarrassed that I couldn’t touch my toes, and also skeptical of chai-drinking, gaucho pant-wearing yoga-goers. This year I finally broke down and went to a few classes (for free) and realized what I’d been missing. Not only is yoga a sport that nurtures body, mind and soul, but there are some wardrobe perks and a grip of wholesome beauty products involved in a regular practice.

If you’re interested in entering the yoga universe, here’s how to start: Throw on a pair of ultra-comfy Hard Tail yoga pants. The line’s 100% cotton fabric breathes really well and comes in a bunch of cool colors that wont leave you embarrassed if you find yourself among mere mortals after class. The Bluma Project’s colorful tote is roomy enough to carry your mat and any other essentials on our list. Nike’s Victory Bra will keep you cool while posing and Mike Mills’ Arthur Hoodie is perfect to keep in the heat and good vibes after.

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