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Cam'ron f. Hell Rell, "From the Bottom (Remix)" MP3

Maybe it's just us, but Hell Rell has always been one of the more entertaining Dipset second stringers. It's like he manages to boil all the stuff that makes listening to a Dipset mixtape (literally any of them) entertaining into a single person: cool voice, the best adlibs and a general feeling that he's having fun saying mean shit to no one in particular. Here, he links up with Cam'ron to rap over a Grafh song (haven't heard that name in a while) as part of Cam's upcoming Family Ties Vol. 1, which sees Cam going back through time and doing songs with every person he used to hang out with. Potentially related side note: it is weirdly difficult to find a picture of Cam and Hell Rell together.

Download: Cam'ron f. Hell Rell, "From the Bottom" (Remix) (via Rap Radar)

Cam'ron f. Hell Rell, "From the Bottom (Remix)" MP3