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Alley Boy f. Scragg Lee, "Bothering Me" MP3

A completely unaltered Pink Floyd excerpt is the last thing you'd anticipate hearing when clicking on a Hulkshare by noted ATL goon rapper Alley Boy. Their "Dogs" may cut off abruptly but the track that follows, backed by Montgomery, AL producer and slightly Beckish singer Scragg Lee is no less unexpected, dropping Alley into a sensitive Auto-Tuned zone. If the softness here is too much for you to handle then Alley also just dropped a No DJ version of his very hard Definition Of Fuck Shit Pt. 2 mixtape.

Download: Alley Boy f. Scragg Lee, "Bothering Me" (via BLVD ST)

Alley Boy f. Scragg Lee, "Bothering Me" MP3