Jay-Z and Kanye’s Watch The Throne Chopped Not Slopped by DJ Candlestick and OG Ron C


OG Ron C, dude who sees all sounds with purple-colored glasses on, hit us up to say that TheFADER.com got a shoutout on Chop The Throne, his latest Chopped not Slopped album slow-down made with Houston’s DJ Candlestick. We listened hard to his toasts on “DVS Scratch Dedication” and heard some nice words about texastakeover.com, lifeandtimes.com, livemixtapes.com and mixtape shops across the nation. All nice, but thought maybe Ron had erred and actually left us out of the party. Then we trekked back for a second listen and, sweet baby Jesus, heard our name thrown down just as Candlestick drops a “Dear Summer” sample on “Gizzle Moment 2.” That felt good, and the whole record does too—the maximal sounds of Jay and Ye’s luxury rap event are surprisingly accessible at baby-crawling pace. Even better, Candlestick throws in celebratory “Through the Wire” and Nola bounce samples, widening the scope of the album’s Black American History rumination. Hit Boy’s “Niggas in Paris” beat sounds nuts tipped and so does Beyonce’s faux codeine-dosed “Lift Off” vocal.

Download: DJ Candlestick and OG Ron C’s Chop The Throne

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  1. jeann carlo says:

    i downloaded this, but won’t play…

  2. Mixtapes says:

    Slim K actually chopped and screwed Watch The Throne first. Listen and download his version called “Screw The Throne” here http://www.getrightmusic.com/mixtape/post/kanye_west_jay_z_screw_the_throne

  3. Q says:

    who is slim k? If it not da chopstars then it not da real thing. chopped up. not slopped up.

  4. Bee says:

    it won’t play for me, either.

    can we go back to how The Fader used to do downloads? The HulkShare thing is crap.