Kurt Vile, “The Creature” MP3


Where’s the depressing yet strangely life-affirming road movie for which Kurt Vile’s “The Creature” will be the theme? Seriously, if it’s not in the works already, somebody please make this movie. Even if the plotline is not so good and the cast is sub par, this song needs to be a vehicle for some soon-to-be cult classic. It’s moody, guitar ramble will drive you straight through to the credits, vindicating any antihero, dirtbag protagonist in the end. Vile’s new EP, So Outta Reach is out November 8th on Matador.

Download: Kurt Vile “The Creature”

1. The Creature
2. It’s Alright
3. Life’s A Beach
4. Laughing Stock
5. Downbound Train
6. (so outta reach)

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  1. Jessica says:

    Absolutely love this track. I admit it sounds no different from Smoke Ring for My Halo-era Vile, but Matador Records are happily admitting in the press release this new EP contains disused cuts from that album’s sessions. So at least they’re being honest, I guess. I think it’s a somewhat lazy move, though, on Vile’s part, to be reworking old songs he clearly didn’t favor before. But now Matador want to release a new deluxe package of Smoke Ring, he’s decided to knock this EP out too. But anyway, enough of my cynicism, I love the track and I love Kurt Vile so consider everything I just said void! Haha.