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The Embassy, "Flipside of a Memory" MP3

Before it was re-released by Sweden's Service in 2004, the past decade's secret sonic directors The Embassy handed out "Flipside of a Memory" for free at a party. "Here is the way to escape your allotted class role, to ram your revenge in the face of the world," the album art said, a proposition that has found its way to fruition, somewhat ironically, on Discogs, where the give-away vinyl's selling for $160. Thankfully—financially speaking and otherwise—The Embassy have compiled 13 of their best not-plausibly-buyable tracks from the past decade as Life In The Trenches, available via Service on green vinyl and working-mans' download on September 27th.

Download: The Embassy, "Flipside of a Memory" (via no modest bear)

The Embassy, "Flipside of a Memory" MP3