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Patten, "Fire Dream" MP3

How did we get here? Patten’s "Fire Dream" is slippery. It sounds like it was built on found sounds with no regard for audio quality. Just a patchwork of hiss and submerged drums. It's an addicting listen because you'll probably spend most of your time trying to grab onto some sort of hook. We make jokes about dance music for dudes that like to sit around and stroke their beards a lot, but at some point that can become a positive thing, and this song is one of those times. Patten's unpronounceable GLAQJO XAACSSO (okay actually it's pronounced "glack-geut zack-so" but you know) is out September 26th on No Pain in Pop.

Download: Patten, "Fire Dream"

Patten, "Fire Dream" MP3