Stream: M83, “Midnight City” (Trentemøller Remix)


It’s not like its a secret that Anthony Gonzalez bka M83 aka the musical manifestation of a billion teenage romance fantasies lives in Los Angeles. It makes sense actually—it’s the perfect place for his pristine wall of guitars and emotion and pure drive to (re)capture those early adolescent moments of not giving a fuck so much that your entire world exists inside your own head. Teen life! Soon, Gonzalez will be releasing the daunting, huge, not-so-easily-digestible Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming. It barely pauses to breathe throughout its double disc runtime, and it’s better for it. That said, Trentemøller’s remix of “Midnight City”, which comes from an EP of M83 remixes (more music!) is the perfect breather from all that forward movement. Teasing out quieter moments and gorgeous, glittering guitar toward the end, it’s teenage life turned contemplative, which is maybe what our early 20s were all about? Who wants to grow up ever?

Stream: M83, “Midnight City” (Trentemøller Remix)

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