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Video: Steve Summers, "In the Mode for Love"

In many of his previous tracks, Steve Summers has note-perfect relived Chicago house of the ’80s, inventing songs that would fit seamlessly amongst the catalog of classics by artists like Frankie Knuckles and Mr. Fingers. His "Dreaming in Color" is a highlight, a dark number with a touch of acid house, and many legendary producers would be proud to call it their own. But what about the 25 years in between then and now, the entirety of world changes and the small slice of musical progression? Summers could be viewed as the most perfect Civil War reenactor, finally bored with repeating battles only to start creating his own precise, alternate fights. But "In the Mode for Love" is not that. It's an eight-minute doozy, beginning with a long, moody introduction from some netherworld, before soaring into a new, similarly dark place based in house, industrial, minimal techno. There is a precedent here, sure, but he's rewritten the narrative enough to make it exciting. Even if this is kind of music to murder to, as evidenced by the video directed by Luke Wyatt, which feels like a second cousin to Candyman. Look out for Steve Summers (it's an alias) in the shades. Pick the record up on L.I.E.S.

Video: Steve Summers, "In the Mode for Love"