Every Song on Memoryhouse’s The Years EP is One Music Video

This happens every once in a while and we just collapse into our laptops, right cheekbone jamming the G-B-H-N-J keys till infinity as we try to figure out how, in a world where people like Memoryhouse and director Jamie Harley are making heartfelt 19-minute music videos front-to-back worth watching, we can’t will even our simplest life goals into completion. Memoryhouse are a sad band, even if maybe they wouldn’t say so, with every drawn out syllable like the closest sonic approximation of fragility in slow motion, and there’s no more fitting way to take that weight on than glued to a screen where abstract, pastel-tinted women are looking at deer and half-speed taking their socks off. The Years is out today on Sub Pop.

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  1. Alex Persels says:

    Absolutely gorgeous.