Video: Bonnie “Prince” Billy, “Quail and Dumplings”

Oh shit! How stoked are we? This Bonnie “Prince” Billy video stars Nina Nastasia, who once released an album with Jim White on drums that is pretty phenomenal and for some reason being passed around this office like hotcakes again even though it came out forever ago and we normally only listen to music that doesn’t exist yet. The real cool thing about this, besides the fact that it was filmed in a way that makes everything look like it was colored with pastels, is that “Quail and Dumplings” is a return to that creaky old man singing ominously about stuff it takes us ten plus listens to understand vibe that Will Oldham has been so fond of in the past. Also interesting: the end of this video. What the hell? Not going to spoil it, but what the hell you guys?!

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