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Trouble's Green Light Mixtape


I wouldn't have been disappointed by another tape like December 17th full of lock-jawed camp anthem from Atlanta rapper Trouble, self-proclaimedopposite of the police. That project fed Trouble's boiled over core audience, folks who traffic in out-the-trunk discs (10,000 copies of December 17th were pressed and moved), not hulkshare links. On Green Light, Trouble does dole out plenty of plain, old-fashioned disrespect, mostly at the front of the tape on big bruisers like "Richer Pussy" and "Flatline." But on a surprising majority of the tracks, Trouble sings the hooks. There's a whole sunny song about the mall. Green Light is potent because it's rough at smooth at once, that yin/yang synergy best expressed on "Green Light" featuring optimist Future, and sub-woofer psalm "I Gotta Make A Move," the tape's only Alley Boy feature. Trouble's the cleanest dog you've ever seen and booked solid at clubs around the Southeast for the next two months.

Download: Trouble's Green Light Mixtape

Trouble's Green Light Mixtape