Chaos in The CBD, “Cause You’re Worth It” (Ciara Mix) MP3


We’re a litttttttttttttle bored with re-workings of Ciara songs unless, of course, they sound exactly this good. Also, normally remixers go for C’s stunners, but Chaos in the CBD chose to mix an under-appreciated song “Promise” and so things sound fresher here. Starting with a Chicago house beat that becomes relaxedly lounge-like by mid-song, the Auckland DJs chop up Ciara’s vocals like a game of romantic Patty Cake, and even in the rapid syncopation, smartly preserve her sweet longing and desire.

Download: Chaos in The CBD, “Cause You’re Worth It” (Ciara Mix)

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  1. Martyn Pepperell says:

    Thanks for lending more support to the boys!!!

  2. Amer says:

    Woow i love her and this mix,she’s got great voice for mix like this,thank you

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  5. g says:

    hands down favorite cici song of alltimez. also under appreciated: her entire 1st album.

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