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Smith Westerns, "End of the Night" (Peaking Lights Remix) MP3

When the guitars and drums drop away and it's just the piano pulsing and Cullen Omori singing, Everybody wants to be a star on a Saturday night, you can't help but feel the Smith Westerns have dug down to some elemental rock roots, mining tried and true tropes to produce some of the most shimmering, saccharin pop. Some people, however, want to do a lot of drugs and listen to dub on a Saturday night. It's under this influence that "End of the Night" gets a drastic reworking from Wisconsin-based duo, Peaking Lights. It's strange, no doubt. Omori's voice takes on a disembodied, almost creepy tone—and that piano, that bass! It feels like they came from some other time, some other song. Peaking Lights new LP, 936 is out now on Not Not Fun.

Download: Smith Westerns, "End of the Night" (Peaking LIghts Remix)

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Smith Westerns, "End of the Night" (Peaking Lights Remix) MP3