Video: Big Boi & Killer Mike Speak At Rally For Troy Davis

Since it seems unlikely that anyone is looking to this site for their political commentary, we're going to let the day-late Troy Davis debates just simmer. (If you really were wondering, this particular rap blogger is of the less than nuanced mind that, guilty or innocent, people shouldn't be subject to the death penalty period.) But it seems worth mentioning the point where his controversial case intersects with our music world. Dungeon Family members Big Boi and Killer Mike were in the trenches at the rally opposing Davis' execution and this footage of them holding court there hit the web this morning. Mike in particular shines, with all the poise of a politician and all the intensity of a preacher. Agree with him or not (you should probably agree with him, just sayin'), it's almost beautiful to watch Mike do his thing here, funneling a rapper's intensity into the public speaking forum and offering a master's course in how activist rappers can engage their community. It recalls these bars from Mike's best record, "God In The Building":

The church ladies weep when they hear your man speak
They say they see God in me, but I'm in the streets
They ask me why I'm rappin', tell me I'm called to preach
I smile, I kiss 'em on they honey brown cheeks
I tell 'em God bless 'em and they concern for me
But you can never walk on water if you still fear the sea
If Jesus came back, Mother, where you think he'd be?
Probably in these streets with me.

Video: Big Boi & Killer Mike Speak At Rally For Troy Davis