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Roc Marciano, "My Persona" MP3

With last years' cult favorite Marcberg Roc Marciano set a new standard for sparseness in boom bap production. It was like a minimalist Killarmy record, everything stripped to its barest elements and leaving only his threats on top. So it's a little surprising to hear just how much is going on with "My Persona," the possible first leak from the follow up Reloaded. He chops disembodied syllables and slap basslines and grimy breaks and they move around more quickly than just about anything on his last record. The fuller sound fits him well though and at least his food obsession remains a constant: "The shells in the Tec is hollow like olives," and, "out for green like kiwi," etc. etc.

Download: Roc Marciano, "My Persona"

Roc Marciano, "My Persona" MP3