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Video: Roach Gigz, "Gina"

Roach Gigz' latest visual off his EP Bitch, I'm a Player is for "Gina." It's a day-in-the-life vlog set to music. I've always wanted to ask guys who spit game from their cars to pretty strangers what their success rate is. I can't imagine it's too high. But in this case the weather's excellent, the beat is infectious and Roach Gigz isn't just any random dude. So after calling her over from the passenger's side of his friend's car, of course Gina comes over. He tells her he'll eat her like a pizza. She gives him her number. The song's so hype and he's having so much fun that even though he's totally lying about promised cunnilingus, we're sure Gina would still love to just roll up and hang with the dude. The rest of the day seems pretty chill. They buy some weed, avoid the cops and ruminate about escalating property taxes. By mid-afternoon, Roach makes plans to see Gina, which has him chanting like a kid on Christmas morning, We got blunts and something else for yo' mouth. Images of lips saying "mouth" cue up with the beat. I wonder what he's hinting at.

Video: Roach Gigz, "Gina"