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Tommy Ton Photographs Mr. B's Shoes

ALDO is as famous a shoe brand as they come, but what you may not know is that its original founder, Aldo Bensadoun, came from a long line of European cobblers. The brand is honoring this heritage with the Mr. B line of traditionally made brogues, cap toes and one of the sickest pairs of tasseled loafers we've seen all season that hark back perfectly to the preppy days of yore. It's not all nostalgia, though: street style photographer of the moment Tommy Ton shot the lookbook and waxes poetic about men's style in a short interview. "I just think there’s a certain fascination in the way men exude this confidence to how they wear clothes," says Ton. "Looking for style in men is much more interesting."

Tommy Ton Photographs Mr. B's Shoes