Harmonizer, “Landline” MP3


Earlier this week, Vermont duo Harmonizer put out an EP on Ford and Lopatin’s label Software. They call their music “5th World Music,” referring to a particular Mayan belief that proposes a never-ending, cyclical sense of time and space, that the minute worlds end, new ones start all over again. That’s a nice theory for “Landline,” which bases its existence on boundless, continuous droning that feels infinite. But that’s not even the coolest thing about this song. Harmonizer does seem successively endless, sure, but they’re also adeptly able to juggle various planets at the very same time, a foggy background here, a robotic shimmer there, a hollow drum beat throughout. It should come across crowded, but instead just sounds balanced.

Download: Harmonizer, “Landline”

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  1. Subway says:

    “They call their music ’5th World Music,’” … which, like the artwork and music itself, is a complete ripoff of Jon Hassell c.1981.

  2. Train says:

    nothing wrong with some jon hassell influence in my book. this is great!