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Satyenkumar's Confusing Clothes

Lately we've been noticing a few young menswear labels that, instead of focusing on a few literal references, put all kinds of ideas in a food processor and whip them around until the results are a weird but healthy mishmash. England's Satyenkumar might evoke vintage YSL in the belted blazers with safari pockets, but unbridled color schemes and space-age lines put the brand in limbo between the past and the future. A relatively unique camo print is admirable, considering the rest of the fashion world is projectile vomiting the trend onto any clothing they can, as is a collarless jacket that could've easily found it's way into the costume department of the original Star Trek. The whole thing makes our brains itch, but maybe that's been the intention all along. (via StyleSalvage)

Satyenkumar's Confusing Clothes