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Twerps, "This Guy" MP3


"This Guy," the first and most easy-riding track from Twerps’ forthcoming self-titled LP, could really be a song about anyone. But since it's the only album track that lady guitarist Julia MacFarlane carries the vocals on (not to mention the obvious titling) we can only assume it's about a guy. When I let you go you'll touch the sky/ I'll be down here waiting to die, MacFarlane sings over shambling guitars, probably to a flighty dude whose head is half in the clouds. Lucky for us MacFarlane chose to stay on the ground and sing to us instead. The Twerps is out October 14th in Australia and four days later in the US, via Chapter Music/Underwater Peoples.

Download: Twerps, "This Guy"

Twerps, "This Guy" MP3