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Kanye West Occupied Wall Street Wearing Givenchy

This afternoon, around 3:45, Kanye West and hip hop yogi Russell Simmons visited the Occupy Wall Street protest in lower Manhattan. He wore flannel by Givenchy and gold teeth. Allegedly, he didn’t talk to anyone … read more »

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Dana Lee Does a Faded Take on the Hawaiian

It seems like every designer in the universe did a Hawaiian shirt for next spring’s collections, but New York-based Dana Lee’s version of the ubiquitous trend is the one you’re going to want to buy. … read more »

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Video: Big Troubles, “She Smiles For Pictures”

Is the point of this Big Troubles video that the zoo harshes fashion goths’ vibes? If so, I can see why. The zoo is a bright, positive, child-oriented place (unless it’s one of those dark … read more »

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Nardwuar vs. Kreayshawn

Major, affable goober Nardwuar caught up with Kreayshawn on a pleasant patio in Vancouver, British Columbia. Oakland’s tiniest enjoys receiving records as gifts, but lifts out of her blunted, doe-eyed deadpan only twice, while talking … read more »

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Stream: 50 Cent’s “50′s My Favorite (Street King Energy Track #11)”

In what seems like a rather shameless attempt to duplicate his vitaminwater successes, 50 Cent is now pushing a new signature line of energy shots. Street King Energy shots may look suspiciously similar to those … read more »

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Video: Amon f. NHT Boyz, “Give & Go”

“Give and Go” is a nice intergenerational blap from Hayward’s Amon, who used to run with Sean T as a member of the group Prime Suspect. I’m aware that the previous string of text means … read more »

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The Grown Up Autumn Bag: Christopher Dellstrand

Yes, most of us are happy lugging Jansport backpacks around town like we’re in 10th grade, but there are moments when we’d like to be the adult our parents always hoped we’d be. On those … read more »

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Video: Redondo Beach, “He Would Make Her Like Winter”

There’s a worldwide identity crisis apparently happening/ People don’t know who they are, or worse, who they want to be. On “He Would Make Her Like Winter” Redondo Beach employs our world’s favorite vocal technique: … read more »

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Massive Attack and Burial: The Collaboration That Somehow Hasn’t Happened Until Now

When this hit our inboxes we were pretty surprised that this collaboration hadn’t happened yet. Massive Attack and Burial have made entire careers out of music that is the aural equivalent of the gloomiest moments … read more »

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I had a photo teacher in high school who told me the only thing she takes pictures of is light. This sounded so pretentious to me. Actually, it still does. But it sounds a little … read more »

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