Nardwuar vs. Kreayshawn

Major, affable goober Nardwuar caught up with Kreayshawn on a pleasant patio in Vancouver, British Columbia. Oakland’s tiniest enjoys receiving records as gifts, but lifts out of her blunted, doe-eyed deadpan only twice, while talking about how good leopard-print velvet feels and railing against Zachary’s pizza, an “Oakland” institution that’s actually in the neighboring suburb Piedmont. She prefers truck tacos, got to see a lot of dildos when she was young and lost her virginity listening to 112′s “We Can do it Anywhere.” Kreayshawn will tour elite colleges with Neon Indian through November. Dates below.

Kreayshawn and Neon Indian Noisey College Tour dates:
Oct 24 Iowa City, IA – University of Iowa
Oct 25 Columbia, MO – University of Missouri
Oct 26 Urbana, IL – University of Illinois
Oct 27 Ames, IA – Iowa State
Oct 28 Madison, WI – University of Wisconsin
Oct 31 North Hampton – Smith College
Nov 1 Syracuse, NY – Syracuse University
Nov 2 Hempstead, NY – Hofstra University
Nov 3 Providence, RI – Providence College
Nov 4 Brunswick, ME – Bowdoin College

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  1. Naomi Zeichner says:

    @ Bootsy !!! Fine line

  2. Earthbound says:

    Wow, she’s really humbled out since I first saw her. I can finally handle her, kinda funny actually – once the attitude’s gone.