Video: Nas, “Nasty”

The primary road block for Nas in 2011 is not attempting to emulate the impossible heights he reached on Illmatic, nor is it really getting a #1 radio single, which seems a bit unlikely right now. Nas has always been a technically great rapper, it’s just a matter of fitting that skill into something that people will care about right now. In our dream world, “Nasty” is exactly that song. It’s mostly just Nas going off over a minimal beat while walking through the Queensbridge projects. He’s not complaining, he’s not making ill-advised sex raps, he’s not trying to sound young, he’s just rapping. That’s all we ever really want from him.

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  1. Angelo says:

    In terms of what he can control…I completely agree! However, in terms of him making an album, NO…I don’t want to hear him over ANY more minimal beats. Whether it be Salaam Remi giving him boring break beats, or some new school producers giving him cheesy poppy production. Nas doesn’t make hits, he makes CLASSICS! Therefore, there is a fraternity of producers that suit him perfectly ( DJ Premier, Pete Rock, Large Pro, Buckwild, LES, Bink, Just Blaze, Jake One, Qtip, Alchemist, etc) that’s what he truly needs on his album. Producers that can bring the best out of him b/c their sounds fuses perfectly with what his true sound is