Video: Kendrick Lamar, “Rigamortis”

In the internet’s golden days we spent an unsavory amount of time lurking threads about who stole who’s style BONE THUGS STOLE FROM FREESTYLE FELLOWSHIP ALSO THREE-6 MAFIA. There was never any conclusion, really, just a general little kid-style consensus that someone was better at rapping fast than someone else. Enough time has passed that those arguments don’t happen anymore (they probably still do, but we don’t keep track anymore. Same thing?), and instead we’re just left with dudes like Kendrick Lamar, who probably grew up listening to all three groups because all three are awesome in different ways. “Rigamortis” is definitely Lamar’s check-out-how-good-I-can-rap track, and while it is impressive, it’s even more impressive that he makes it not boring and extremely listenable. Is this kind of skill that people are looking for in rap again? What does that mean for the future? Will rap songs have choruses in a few years or will they be just straight rapping for like five minutes? Are we going to have to start attending a lot of rap battles again?

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  1. Luis Angel says:

    I really do think that Kendrick Lamar is the present and Future of Rap.. He is in good hands too.. Dr. Dre is working with a true artist with sick flows and an unparalled vocabulary.. I also wrote a piece about Kendrick Lamar on my blog.. check it out: Kendrick Lamar