Video: Gangsta Boo f. Yelawolf (Sort of), “Kill, Kill, Kill”

Full disclosure: the featuring Yelawolf tag (not our own!) up top doesn’t actually feature any rapping from the Alabama rapper, instead it’s just a drop mentioning that he is kicking it with Gangsta Boo. This video seems to be some sort of Livemixtapes promotional piece for a Gangsta Boo mixtape, featuring multiple rewinds and everything. But you know what? Who cares! This song is great, and the video is simple. Just Gangsta Boo in a jam-packed room. Increasingly, it’s more and more of a mystery which rappers are going to reinvent their careers after years of being relatively quiet. Will 2012 be the year of Gangsta Boo? (Also the Mayan Apocalypse). RELATED: Gangsta Boo is performing tonight at an event that looks very much worth attending.

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  1. DeeDee says:

    YES! I love her thug-ass homegirls #WhereDemDollarsAt

  2. waht! says:

    Damn that was fly as shit, seriously the rap game needs these O.G female rappers, kids today actually think Nicki Minaj is good.