Reflexive Lens: Carolyn Drake and Andres Gonzalez


A couple of photographers talk about the art of being a couple.

Carolyn Drake and Andres Gonzalez met eight years ago in graduate school at Ohio University, where both were pursuing MFAs in photojournalism. They’ve been together ever since, negotiating itinerant schedules and long stretches apart either on assignment or traveling funded by grants. They share a love for making pictures and for each other.

CAROLYN DRAKE: Our MFA program was very small—I think about 15 people, and Andres seemed to be coming from, maybe, a critical or independent point of view. I remember one day we came into class—I don’t remember what the assignment was—but he had shot this kind of festival for gun fans. He’d shot it in a way that it felt like he was making a commentary about this culture. I really appreciated that. He was doing something different. I think that’s how I originally started being curious about him, and then I started…well, I guess I basically just went after him. He was really shy. I definitely had to make a great effort to let him know I was interested.

ANDRES GONZALEZ: Even though we didn’t talk very much the first year [at school], we talked to each other through our critiques. We kind of grew this relationship of appreciating each other’s photography but not quite being friends yet, and then suddenly it just grew into a friendship, and from there, into a relationship. We’re constantly absorbing each other’s interests and styles and ideas. There’s no real place where my work ends and her work begins. It’s very organic.

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