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Stream: Drake f. Lil Wayne, "The Real Her"

It's possible that Drake makes the most relatable unrelatable music ever. This song sounds like shimmering, late-evening Los Angeles drives in a convertible, money fluttering out the back of the car and the most melancholy bottle popping there ever was—also known as something we have never, ever experienced. The pains of being a glamorous celebrity! But hey, it works, because Drake is hugely popular, and we'll probably listen to this song so many times that we'll cease to be amazed that Lil Wayne’s appearance here lasts all of six seconds. Drake's Take Care is no longer coming out on his birthday (he could probably write a good song about that), but is instead coming on November 15th.

Stream: Drake f. Lil Wayne, "The Real Her" (via Vulture)

Stream: Drake f. Lil Wayne, "The Real Her"