Stream: Busdriver, “No Blacks, No Jews, No Asians”


Busdriver—old guard LA eccentric, Project Blowed veteran and basically the fastest rapper on earth—returns counting down his slightly cryptic racial politics in a frantic two minute drill. Bus’ Beaus$Eros, produced entirely by Dutch beatsmith Loden is set to drop on Janurary 16th of the new year. His press is billing it as “his most avant-garde work yet” which, frankly, is a little frightening.

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  1. HiMay says:

    “#21: The regurgitated placenta slushie” …just…wow. Nothing makes me feel more secure than knowing that Busdriver will NEVER stop being the uber-brainy Bjork of hip hop. If I could buy stock in that fact I would be a rich man.

  2. crier24 says:

    I don’t know if it’s just me but Hip Hop is changing ALOT! It’s nothing like it was. Even Busdriver you hear his first 2-3 albums and it’s on some ill hip hop shit. But this doesn’t come no where near Hip Hop this is something else. Don’t even get me started on the Flash Bang Grenada. That album is so wack I literally heard 1 1/2 tracks and chucked it out the window. Busdriver has really disapointed the hip hop scene. Such a good MC wasting his time with wack beats and wack Mc’s like NoCando it should be more like NoHeSHouldn’t. Just saying…..LA HIPHOP!!!

  3. MAGNANOMUS says:

    To crier24: If no one ever reached out into experimentation there would be no new plateaus. You would not recognize hip-hop in the year 2227, but it’ll be Dope! Btw, Busdriver will be there, as he will have uploaded his mind into the Infinet. Oh, the Infinet doesn’t exist yet, but your kid’s are gonna love it.