Video: Terius Nash f. Big Sean, “Ghetto”

Thankfully Terius Nash and Big Sean’s video for “Ghetto” doesn’t drive home too heavily its potential for fetishizing poverty, which if employed “Trap Goin’ Ham“-style would have rendered Nash’s love of parking Ferraris and rapping in front of them grotesque. Instead, the ghetto of Nash’s “Ghetto” is kids on bikes and small grocers, people with front lawns instead of penthouse views. Ghetto is Nash riding an undersized BMX with his feet on the pegs, at least two Rolexes weighing down his turn-signal hand nonsensically. If you’ve yet to hear the whole album, Nash’s brilliant 1977 is still available for free.

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  1. . It was tastefully done considering what others have tried in the past.
    This song and album has been in heavy rotation.worth the download.