Stream: Mazzy Star, “Common Burn”


For some reason I always think of FADER editor-in-chief and semi-retired Slept On icon Matthew Schnipper when I think of the vaguely psychedelic ’90s folk pop (singular) hit-making duo Mazzy Star (and I think of them quite frequently). I’m not sure where that association comes from. Either I was once with him when he bought a Mazzy Star record or, more likely, he bought a record that I just assumed sounded like Mazzy Star and then I forever linked the two things in my mind. The mind is so complex when you’re thinking about Mazzy Star. Anyway, both editor-in-chiefs and readers-in-chairs can now rejoice because Mazzy Star just dropped a new single for the first time in like a decade and a half. This is actually really mellow shit that you can soothe a baby to, or maybe plastic bag over your head music. But keep the plastic bag away from the baby please! Either way, I prefer it to all of the indie rock and I swear I didn’t just post it to make a weird stream of consciousness in-joke with an editor who may or may not look at this.

Stream: Mazzy Star, “Common Burn”

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  1. Bruh says:

    do you prefer it to all of the indie rocks or just the rocks that are indie?

  2. benjy says:

    remember when angus slow dances with his dream broad and knocks out that bitch dawson

  3. Sam Hockley-Smith says:

    doesn’t the little red headed kid with the broken arm knock out dawson

  4. Wait says:

    What the fuck is everyone in this post talking about? Am I drunk?

  5. benjy says:

    yeah technically shermanator gets dawson at the end “….go for it angus”

  6. Pop Blimp says:

    Fell in love with Mazzy Star after hearing, Into Dust.