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Estasy, "Wild Wants" MP3


To talk about Estasy, I actually need to talk about Beach House. This isn't because of any particular sonic similarities, there aren't any, really. It's more just a certain vibe, which boils down to: What the hell is this? When Beach House came out, that first self-titled album sounded narcotic and blurry and it felt like it hatched from a fine mist or maybe a pile of browning leaves. "Wild Wants," by someone named Estasy, has that same otherworldly quality. It sounds like a lot of things at once, notably: Halloween, a dolphin learning to sing, a choir of banshees singing scary stuff in the distance and a tiny keyboard echoing in a church. But it's not scary music, it's weirdly comforting. Estasy's debut album LOCUS SOLUS will be out on Acephale next year.

Download: Estasy, "Wild Wants"

Estasy, "Wild Wants" MP3