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Download PRGz Born 2 Ball Mixtape


While fellow Huntsville-residents G-Side have taken the Block Beattaz production sound and made a career out of world-weary but excitedly global raps, the PRGz crew is using that same sound as a jumping off point for less experimental territory. There are plenty of moments on Born 2 Ball that sound like they are at least somewhat vying for radio inclusion—more specifically, the excellent, spare "Chevy." It's not that these songs are ever going to end up on Hot97 or whatever, we'd be surprised if they did, it's more that PRGz are great at synthesizing what is going on in rap and skewing it slightly weirder. Also, Jhi Ali, with his pillow-soft sing-song, is still one of the most overlooked rappers around. He sounds excellent over any beat he appears on. Here's hoping for a solo album soon.

Download: PRGz, Born to Ball

Download PRGz Born 2 Ball Mixtape