Drake f. Lil Wayne, “The Motto” MP3


At last, my supposedly past-its-expiry obsession with Los Angeles jerkin music has been vindicated by a former child actor and present Canadian who almost certainly reads this blog.

Download: Drake f. Lil Wayne, “The Motto”

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  1. emynd says:

    I can’t front… they made a dope Jerkin song. I guess it makes sense that these dudes sound right at home on this ish given that most jerkin rappers appear to be obsessed with imitating these two fellas anyway.


  2. Chubbie Baby says:

    Noz posts Lil Wayne and Drake. Rap internet implodes.

  3. big baby says:

    It’s about time for Cold Flamez reunion tour. Let’s make this shit happen already.

  4. CJ says:

    This is a pure Bay song. No LA reference. Not hatin’—just sayin’

  5. KAlexis says:

    Yeah I agree with CJ this is a Bay Area song. He even says RIP MAC DRE. This was a Bay inspired track not LA.