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Seekae, "Mingus" MP3

Toward the end of high school, data discs got super hot. It's not that MP3s weren't a thing, but there was something appealing about loading like 500 MP3s onto a plain old CD-R and popping it in your car stereo. This data disc trend coincided with my early, somewhat-uneducated obsession with electronic music. Mostly, I just tried to figure out if I liked Boards of Canada. My memories of this time revolve around being perplexed by long instrumental songs and a brief obsession with a Bjork Greatest Hits album for some reason. I say all this because it sets the scene for Seekae, an electronic group that are perfect for anyone around my age who had this same experience with electronic music. It's not that their sound is consciously retro (can we really call the year 2002 retro?), it's more that they've got all the best aspects of the electronic music of that era down. Pastoral passages of ambient sound, glitchy moments and then—here's something a lot of those earlier artists never really bothered with—ecstatic release. It's a risky move to throw all your emotions at the wall like Seekae do when "Mingus" blooms into something gorgeous and open, but they pull it off. +DOME is out right now.

Download: Seekae, "Mingus"

Seekae, "Mingus" MP3