Stream: Lady Gaga, “Marry the Night (The Weeknd Remix)”


Lady Gaga has over 15 million Twitter followers, all of whom, in the next few weeks, will presumably be Tweeted to about this brand new mix of “Marry the Night” by The Weeknd for her official Born This Way Remix album. Even if he is one of Drake‘s favorite, that’s a hell of a beast for the Toronto-based producer to be a part of, but he seems ready to tame it. The first thing he does with this remix is slow Gaga’s chipmunk-fast vocals all the way down to a more manageable, sexy level. He’s unafraid to throw out almost all of her recognizable pop star hyperactivity, and give Gaga the first slow-burn groove she’s ever had. It reminds us, in the best way, of when Madonna graduated from her Erotica-era S&M music into the R&B of Bedroom Stories, produced by Babyface. Gaga needs this.

Stream: Lady Gaga, “Marry the Night (The Weeknd Remix)”

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  1. teetee says:

    love the weeknd n gaga but not on this tune. i’d love love love to hear sumthin from him n Kelis tho ;)

  2. Ralph Washington says:

    i’ve always appreciated that fader staff just don’t post about music they don’t like rather than waste their time hating on it. can you really argue with fifteen million people? c’mon now guys.