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Amy Winehouse f. Nas, "Like Smoke" MP3

When Grantland’s Patrice Evans reported that Amy Winehouse’s "Me and Mr. Jones" was in fact written about Nas, he wrote, "In the end we’re left only with dreams of these two tortured souls who could have made such sweet bittersweet music together." This posthumous collaboration, then, is good news, as "good" as posthumous collabs can be. Unfortunately, it seems Winehouse and Nas never met in the studio—her part was recorded in 2008, and judging by Nas' references to his divorce and Occupy Wall Street, his contribution was recorded this year. Like smoke, I hang around in the unbalanced, she sings, sounding strong as ever. The Amy Winehouse collection Lioness: Hidden Treasures, featuring Winehouse's take on The Shirelles, Ruby & The Romantics, "The Girl From Ipanema" and a duet with Tony Bennett, comes out December 5th.

Download: Amy Winehouse f. Nas, "Like Smoke"

Amy Winehouse f. Nas, "Like Smoke" MP3